Collection: Coffee is Community

For us, coffee is a conversation. A cup in hand is the culmination of meticulous agriculture, producer engagement, importer care, roasters’ fingerprint, and finally the brew process. This complex little seed represents perhaps the most elaborate producer to consumer chain of any product we enjoy. This really excites us because that cup can mean so much to so many people; their traditions, rituals, sunrises, family, and love for this planet.

Our coffee thrives in this zeal and we want to share it with you.



We are in this business to provide the best coffee we can while using this amazing food product to bring people together. Coffee is our conversation about how we want to connect with our community, using this accessible and intricate food as a catalyst for growing our friendships.

We work closely with all our accounts and partners, giving them access to our network so we can create a more sustainable and solid framework of small businesses doing great things for their customers and clients.