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Welcome to the Conduit Coffee Club!

We're selecting one coffee a month to share with you, focused around what we love about this particular roast - the story from the farm, the emotions while we enjoy a cup, and even some brewing suggestions to you too can be overzealous about the next sunrise.

This month's featured coffee is our Winterlake Seasonal Blend!

The Winterlake Holiday Blend is our opportunity to show off how two stunning coffees compliment each other. In order to create something that goes well with traditional dishes and good company, we looked to our new Black Honey process - Costa Rica La Pradera, and Natural process - El Salvador El Carmen. The result is a full bodied coffee with a silky mouthfeel and lingering chocolate finish. The Costa Rica provides sweet cranberry notes and subtle mulling spices which are followed by 7 layer chocolate fudge cake from the El Salvador. The Winterlake Blend is easily enjoyed any time of the day and its sweetness and deep chocolate finish make it great as a dessert coffee too.

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