Conduit caters to a wide variety of wholesale outlets, from small office deliveries to high output cafes. We deliver our local wholesale accounts by bicycle, which saves time for our obsessive caring for coffee beans. We want you to have the best coffee you can find.

Our unique blends and rotating selection of single-origin beans are offered in a spectrum of lighter to darker roasts, but all preserve the quality of the coffees we source.

We offer competitive prices to all our wholesale customers on all our products. We can deliver weekly wholesale orders, single/infrequent bulk orders, and retail bag discounts.

We also connect our customers to maintenance and technical assistance through several partners. This includes new and used equipment, marketing and development, and consulting.

Email roasted@conduitcoffee.com and let us know what you need. We'll take the conversation from there!

More specifically, Conduit offers:

  • We provide exceptional coffees at very competitive prices, with a sliding scale depending on volume.

  • We offer several service options for your equipment including incidental work, scheduled maintenance, and emergency services.

  • Our community consultants have over 30 years of experience managing cafes, training, wholesale accounts, customer service, and social media.

  • Our Studio is open for training and education on our all our coffees and roasting theories.