Brew Guide Hario V60

The Hario V60 is a simple and lovely method for brewing coffee. It is very responsive to different recipes and variances in bean and technique, which makes it a wonderful tool for your kitchen.

Key Practices:
Wet and wash the filter and warm both the V60 and the vessel into which you brew.

Coffeesmith's Recipe:
Finer grind: 14 on a Baratza grinder.
20g coffee
80 gram bloom for 10 seconds, agitate for 10 seconds. Pour slowly to 340g total water. Total brew time 2:00.

Jesse's Recipe:
Finer grind: 14 on a Baratza grinder
25g coffee
30 second bloom with 30g water, then slow pour to 375g by 2:00. Stir and set, brews about 2:30.

Convoy's Recipe:
finer grind: ~8-14 on a Baratza grinder.
~20-25g of coffee.
Either poured *very* slowly, in concentric circles around the coffee bed, up to 350 g and let to drip, OR poured at normal speed in concentric circles up to ~200-250g, let to steep halfway, quickly wash the sides, then pour slightly more aggressively to ~350g.