Crafting Coffee & Community.

Welcome to Conduit Coffee, a pathway toward better coffee. We love to share our knowledge of coffee with our community in hopes of bringing together ideas of better living through a perfect cup of coffee. Coffee is our conversation to incubate community, share good food, and share with our friends our passions for wonderful coffee and people.

Our coffees are ethically and sustainably sourced, roasted kindly, and delivered locally by bicycle. We specialize in delicately roasted single origin coffees, as well as a variety of blends included our award-winning "Locofocos Espresso" to meet your customer's needs.

Lake Union, Seattle, Washington. Follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what we're up to and thinking about.

Tuesday Open House

Every Tuesday we show off our coffees at the Studio. We're open to the public and sharing espresso and pour over beverages. Come see what we're up to and taste our current offerings.

Conduit Coffee Studio:
2501 Westlake Ave. N.
Seattle 98109

Hours of Operation:

Monday: 10am - 3pm
Tuesday: 10am - 3pm (open house)
Thursday: 10am - 3pm
Friday: 10am - 3pm

Please inquire about other hours when we're available.