Brew Guide Chemex

The classic features and simple brew design make the Chemex an outstanding and provocative brew method. The thick paper filters and conical shape lend to clean brews and elegant service.

Key practices:
Wash paper filter with warm water to clean the filter's dust and preheat the brewer.

Studio Recipe:
30 grams coffee, filter grind, 19-20 on Baratza Encore
500 grams hot water
20 second bloom with 30-40 grams water, slow pour until 500 grams reached. Brew should be completed by 4:00

Jesse's Recipe:
27 grams coffee, filter grind, 17-18 on the Baratza Encore
460 grams hot water
20 second bloom with 25-30 grams water. Pour 250 grams by 1:00, adding 50g increments every 15 seconds. Pour should be over by 2:00 mark, with total brew time between 3:30 and 4:00

John's Recipe:
30g medium fine to medium grind
450g water
20 second bloom using 30g of water. Add remaining water slowly and constantly till the 2 minute mark, let brew, total brew time 4 minutes