Brew Guide Aeropress

We love our Aerobie Aeropress! It combines the potential of a press pot with the filtration of a pourover, while the plunging action can manipulate your extraction time! Sounds geeky, but it basically means you can brew any way you choose.

Key practices:
Use hot water to wash the paper filter and warm the plastic before use.

Jesse's Recipe:
20 grams coffee, paper cone filter grind
340 grams water
Fill brewing carafe with 100 grams of water. Aeropress upright with coffee grounds, add 25 grams water to let the coffee bloom. After 30 seconds, continue to pour the remaining 215 grams of water slowly over the grounds, finishing the pour by 1:00. Give the slurry a stir and let sit until the plunge at 1:30. The brew should be completed around 1:45.

John's Recipe
16g medium grind
240g water
20 second bloom using 16g water, add remaining water slowly and constantly to the 2 minute mark, let brew, total brew time 4 minutes.

Convoy's Recipe
15-20 on a Baratza - (drip grind -- table salt).

16-20g of coffee.

1 full aeropress of water, poured slowly, and steeped for ~30 seconds. From pour, should be finished in under a minute.