Bicycle Delivery

Our bicycle delivery area includes most of the downtown core of Seattle, from SODO to Greenwood, UW to Ballard. All over Seattle, we have you covered for convenient and sustainable delivery service.

But, alas, we can't deliver to every corner of Seattle. Please contact us if you have questions before you place your order. As our delivery area grows, so do your opportunities, so help us push our boundaries!

We have partnered with an awesome homegrown rider-owned courier company, Seattle Messenger Cooperative. SeaMess does all that we wish we could with tracking and delivery regions. They're also rad and will deliver anything you may need. Check em out!

We deliver our coffee by bicycle because it is good business.

  • Bicycle deliveries are an environmentally friendly and efficient way to distribute our beans. Through downtown traffic and along bike paths, our riders can deliver any quantity of coffee, from single 12 ounce subscription bags to 160 pound trailer loads. We can handle your demand in any season.

  • Bicycle deliveries connect us more thoroughly to our neighborhood and community. We integrate ourselves with our local neighborhoods because we travel at a "human scale." We can stop and say hello, pull over for a quick conversation, and breathe the morning air. All this helps us develop stronger relationships with our community.

  • Bicycle deliveries are powered by local food. The calories that propel us over Seattle's hills in the grey rain come from our partners in the community. We eat and share what we love and we love our partners' food. So, instead of our deliveries powered by indiscriminate calories from abroad, our legs are powered by calories from local food and local businesses. #Solidarity