Varino Decaf Pouches

$ 8.00

Varino Decaf Pouch Caffeine Filter allows you to directly take out caffeine from your favorite coffee beverages without compromise. It is made from food-grade ingredients and is fully compostable after use. The Decaf Pouch takes the form of a teabag, making it easy to carry and simple to use anywhere at any time. 

The Decaf Pouch can be reused 3 times and can remove up to 80% of caffeine in 8 minutes and 65% of caffeine in 4 minutes. It is compatible with Pour over, Drip Coffee, Latte, Mocha, etc., and it works with both hot and cold beverages.
At Conduit, we have watched the development of this unique product and are thrilled to an exclusive retailer of Varino products. 

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